Choosing the right installer is one of the most important aspects of your customer’s window purchase. A proper installation is critical to the proper performance of their Andersen product.

The Andersen Certified Installer program gives your customers confidence that their windows and patio doors will be properly installed.

Certified Installer Premium Performance Training

Installers Installing

Once accepted into the Andersen Certified Installer Program, trade professionals will enroll in one of the Andersen Certified Installer Training sessions. This professional development training:

  • Provides foundation training — and hands-on application — on how to install Andersen® windows and patio doors for best possible performance.
  • Launches an ongoing information-sharing relationship between Andersen window and patio door experts and workshop attendees.
  • Helps installation professionals reduce the number of call-backs, and increase the number of satisfied customers (and possibly referrals) on Andersen product installations.
  • Makes the Andersen Certified Installer program resources and benefits available to the participant, making the participating installation professional eligible for all of the program resources and rewards.

Every Andersen Certified Installer is:

  • Experienced

    As an Andersen Certified Installer you’ll be specifically trained and certified to install Andersen® windows and patio doors.

  • Tested

    Andersen Certified Installers experience rigorous hands-on training to become certified.

  • Informed

    Andersen Certified Installers receive ongoing product information and support from Andersen.

  • Supported

    Andersen Certified Installers have access to Andersen Certified Installer Concierge Services which provides installers with personal support through help-desk representatives and on-line tools and resources.

  • Trusted

    Andersen Certified Installers stand behind their work, and Andersen stands behind them.

The Andersen Certified
Training Includes

Hands-On Installation

Attendees will install both windows and patio doors as part of this training. Full engagement and successful installations result in being certified as an Andersen Certified Installer.

Water Test

Attendees will have the opportunity to see Andersen’s innovative approach to water testing windows when the attendees’ first installation is put to the test!

Reference Tools

Attendees will receive matrices for successful materials selection and application and easy on-the-job reference.

Tour of the Andersen Research,
Development and Innovation Facility

Tour highlights include Andersen’s state-of-the-art equipment used to test products for durability, longevity, and compatibility; a glimpse of the extensive testing behind materials and installation procedure guidelines; and an opportunity to hear from Andersen Research and Development senior leadership.